Meet the team


Andréa Cohen-B

Founder and Executive Producer

Andréa is the creative force behind Meta4Films, which she founded in 2017. She has over 15 years’ experience directing and producing empathy-driven documentary and narrative films. Prior to Meta4Films, she worked with renowned film directors in France before co-founding Sandbox-La Boîte À Films in 2013, where she was the lead creative director, producer and co-leader of business strategy. As a solutions-focused team player, she is passionate about using human-centred storytelling to help her clients connect with their audiences.


Meg Pruce

Project Manager 

Meg’s background in communications and media for aid agencies Oxfam and Save the Children led her towards documentary filmmaking. Before joining Meta4Films as Project Manager, she developed stories linked to poverty and human rights and worked in humanitarian crises across Africa and the Middle East. Her calm and collaborative approach is applied to everything from overseeing projects and client outreach to editing scripts and carrying out documentary research.


Ray Yabuta

Web and Design Lead

Ray is a visual designer and creative problem solver. Across website development, graphic design and art direction, Ray is able to effortlessly deliver large-scale, multi-platform projects for major organizations. He has over 20 years’ experience establishing clients from government, education, info-tech and healthcare sectors as key players in their field, through effective branding development and strategic design.


Tiana Dueck

Social Media Manager

Tiana has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production and Computational Arts from York University, and a Certificate in Graphic Design from OCAD University. She is also studying for a certificate in Journalism at the University of Toronto. Her creative and communications skills play into her role as Social Media Manager, where she is constantly dreaming up new ideas and bold graphic designs to connect audiences with Meta4Films' content.


Hamish Palmer

Animation Lead

Hamish has six years’ experience in animation and motion graphics, including four years leading the 2D Motion Design department at Fox & Co Design in New Zealand. He has extensive experience working with new technologies within the motion design field. Hamish brings his visual flair and passion for animation to every project, alongside a flexible approach to creative development.


Ema Bjelica

Illustrator and Animator

Ema has a Bachelor of Illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario where she honed her skills as an artist, animator and motion graphic designer. She has since worked as a Motion Graphics Designer and Artist for non-profit and private sector clients, including Thomson Reuters and SickKids, before joining Meta4Films in 2019. Ema brings a creative and skilled eye to her work across varied animation styles.


Alex Booth

Video Editor

Alex is an experienced editor, motion graphics designer and 3D animator and modeller. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Media Arts program, Alex has worked closely with Andréa for the past six years on a variety of projects, including videos for Statistics Canada, Ryerson’s Real Institute and FACTOR. Alex brings his strong sense of storytelling and rhythm to every video he edits.


Karen Vanderborght

Virtual Reality Lead

Karen is an award-winning VR camera operator, director and creative designer. She develops surprising, playful experiences using cutting-edge technologies, and unpacks complex subjects through her interactive design and production. She also teaches Augmented and Virtual Reality courses at the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD) University in Toronto, Canada.