NFB Interactive - 1

The National Film Board

The interactive documentary Thank You for Playing , produced by the National Film Board (NFB), invites users to discover the dark side of gambling by exploring how games of chance affect players who develop addictive behaviours.

Our Collaboration

Andréa led the project as director and researcher, alongside Priam Givord (director and interactive designer) and Karen Vanderborght (designer and editor).

The project was a Numix Award Finalist in 2018, a competition rewarding the excellence of digital productions in Quebec.


We are always impressed with the results, and Meta4Films’ ability to create a video version of our year’s work for a very demanding professional Juno audience that always exceeds everyone’s expectations. We are happy to continue our collaboration with Andréa Cohen‑B and Meta4Films Inc.

Duncan McKie, President, FACTOR

Our Other Work with FACTOR