The Leap

The Leap is an organization that pushes for systemic change to tackle the intersecting crises of climate change, racism & inequality.

Our Collaboration

We have produced four animations for The Leap. The videos have been shared globally by prominent American and British politicians: 

  • Housing was re-tweeted by US Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Ilhan Omar
  • Democracy was tweeted by the former leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn
  • The Green New Deal has had over 1 million views on Twitter, boosted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s social media support

Featured Video


What would a Green New Deal for Housing look like? Narrated by the actor Ted Danson, we produced a 2D animation to illustrate The Leap’s bold vision with a vivid colour scheme.


Andréa and the team at Meta4Films are nimble, creatively brilliant and truly a joy to work with.

Katie McKenna, Co-Executive Director, The Leap

Our Other Work with The Leap