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Iowa Department of Human Rights

Iowa’s Department of Human Rights advocates for underrepresented Iowans, empowering them to be financially independent, seek better education and get the support they need in life.

Our Collaboration

Our short documentary has helped to kick start conversations about human rights in Iowa and help a wider audience to understand people’s needs and the services in place to support them.

Featured Video

Short Documentary

This film shows how the Department supports the local community - from the big picture to the ways in which the Department is helping people improve their lives.


Telling the story of human rights is a daunting task for anyone. Andréa wanted to deeply understand our people, politics and what was really happening in Iowa, and use that understanding to communicate compelling, clear and salient messages that told our story.

Our documentary has fulfilled the need we had and beyond. It is used widely throughout the state by educators, advocates, policy makers and other leaders as a catalyst to have a conversation about human rights in Iowa. We simply could not be more pleased with our relationship with Andréa and the result of this project.

Monica Stone, Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Human Rights