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Balestra Productions

On Fête Ensemble, from Balestra Productions, is aimed at 9-12 year olds. In each episode, a child invites a friend to celebrate their cultural heritage. Each episode includes a bitesize animation, created by Meta4Films, to introduce young viewers to the geography of that country.

Our Collaboration

Meta4Films brings our expertise in animation to complete the picture. We develop bright, colourful designs to grab children’s attention and keep the concepts clear to ensure the young audiences can easily grasp the information.

The series was nominated for two awards at the Prix Jeunesse Festival 2020, in the 7-10 Years Non-Fiction Category, and Special Prize.

Featured Video

Japan (On Fête Ensemble, Season 1)

For the Japan episode, we used evocative drawings to illustrate the beauty of the Japanese landscape. Focusing on illustrations over photography gave a poetic tone to the narrative.




Our Other Work with Balestra Productions