We create high quality content that prioritizes storytelling and creating contagious empathy to engage your audience in an authentic way. Each video is crafted with our client’s purpose in mind. We work with a highly skilled team across Canada, the US and Europe. Both our company and our productions are AODA-compliant.

Our creative team produces content that includes motion graphics, fully illustrated animations and whiteboard animations. Animated videos are one of the best vehicles for educational content because they make it possible to break down complex concepts and institutional processes.

We produce interactive content, virtual, extended and augmented reality. Our goal is to provide the appropriate level of immersion based on your needs. We are particularly passionate about education and how to enhance learning for all.

Sharing stories can lead to personal and social changes; they can touch viewers and move them to reflect on their own experiences. They can modify their behaviour and choices, and bring more compassion and understanding. We are working with highly professional film directors and educators from diverse backgrounds who will help your organization to craft the right approach to digital storytelling. They can provide you with the tools to create thoughtful and participatory methodology that truly engages communities through digital storytelling.