Who We Are

Meta4films is a bilingual production company specializing in digital, creative content. We help clients in the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors across Canada, the US, and Europe communicate their values and ideas through contagious empathy and memorable human stories. We turn complex ideas into powerful narratives using documentary, animation and design thinking. We are your ally in storytelling.

Meta4films is founded by Andréa Cohen-B, co-founder and former Creative lead of Sandbox-La Boite A Films Inc.

Our Core principles


Our productions aim to generate empathy in audiences because we believe that empathy elicits engagement.


Through constant communication with clients we maintain clear lines of accountability.


With each new project, we develop methods suited to the particular story we have been commissioned to tell, which fosters an ongoing culture of innovation.


We ensure that collaboration with our clients, with documentary participants, and with each member of the crew -- suffuses every stage of our production process.

    Meta4films Team

Andrea Cohen-B Founder + Director
Chloe Sosa-Sims Project Manager
Nicolas Kadima Art Director
David Wood Financial Executive Consultant
Nick Malher Writer + Researcher
Alex Booth Editor + Motion Graphics
Alex Azalea Jin Illustrator + Animator
Priam Givord Interactive Lead + VR